A lot of people on social media, what they do, is they show you the best side of them.

We have a side that we want you to see which is our best side.

We also have this side that we’re not working on.

The side we’re not working on is that side that you want no one to see, like on social media, everybody posts where they’re going…

I’m going here for vacation, this is me in the gym, this is me here, this is me here…

What I do is I post my bad side.

I let everybody know, I’m this, I’m this, I’m this…

I have to work on all these things.

It’s ok.

David Goggins

Even though most people have no reason to check what I do or don’t do with my life, the simple fact that anyone could do so provides me with the accountability I’m looking for.

There is no agenda here about “showing off” how “good” I’m doing.

Quite the opposite. I’ve started this project because I’m fed up with being inconsistent.

I’m fed up with those lies in my head that I let direct my behavior.

The goal is to expose them. To own them.

And hence, to commit my self to a path of betterment through the regular practice of vulnerability, persistent commitment and constant adaptation toward reaching my goals.

As this experiment is not about exposing each trivial detail of my life, most details will be left intentionally vague.

The system

– Each week day, through Monday to Friday: post a daily log.

– Each Friday: post a weekly review.

– Each month: post a monthly review + shirtless pictures

– Each 3 months: post a quarterly review

– Each year: post a yearly review